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Masada Farm is located in middle Tennessee and has been home to Australian Shepherds since 1996 and Nubian goats since 1978

Ace is one of my sires. He is ASCA and AKC registered.

Masada farm produces top quality standard Australian Shepherds that make excellent family pets and farm dogs. All my Australian Shepherds are AKC registered and most my Aussies are also ASCA registered. Australian Shepherd Club of America is the original Aussie registration club.

Dogs are selected based on calm temperament, thick bones, blocky heads, and general vigor. The beautiful colors are a bonus. Many of my dogs are blue-eyed tris, or BET producers.

These Aussies are fed a mostly raw diet of meat, milk, and eggs. Dry kibble is also available at all times.

Most of these Aussies are from Champion bloodlines. Many pups are confirmation show quality. Excellent agility prospects are also available. I breed towards intelligence and a willingness to please. I do not breed for herding drive since all my stock are tame. Some of my dogs do have herding drive.

All pups can be AKC registered and come with collar, leash, and puppy chow. If you desire ASCA registration papers as well then please let me know as ASCA takes a little longer to mail papers.

All Aussie puppies are sold with a signed contract for either pet only or breeding. Breeding is not suited to everyone.

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